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[SFC바이오-알츠하이머 프로젝트] 논문 01. Anti-amyloidogenic effects of Perilla frute…

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1) 저널명 : Journal of Food Biochemistry

2) 논문명 : Anti-amyloidogenic effects of Perilla frutescens var. acuta on beta-amyloid aggregation and disaggregation

3) 요약
Beta-amyloid (Ab) aggregates are a major cause of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and the inhibition of Ab aggregation is a good therapeutic target against AD.
Thus, the effects of Perilla extract (4–100mg/mL) on the aggregation of Ab (20 mM) monomers and disaggregation of pre-aggregated Ab aggregates were determined.
The Perilla methanol extract and its hexane fraction significantly reduced Ab aggregation determined by a Theoflavin T fluorescence assay (IC50524.5 and 19.8mg/mL, respectively)
and confirmed by Western blot analysis with native gels.
The inhibition of Ab aggregation by hexane fraction of Perilla extract (20 and 100 mg/mL) rescued the PC12 cells from Ab aggregate-induced toxicity to the levels of DMSO-treated control groups.
Furthermore, hexane fraction efficiently disaggregated the preformed Ab aggregates (IC50510.2 mg/mL).
Perilla frutescens var. acuta leaves exhibited anti-amyloidogenic effects against Ab aggregation and disaggregation.