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[SFC바이오-알츠하이머 프로젝트] 논문 02. Effect of natural antioxidants on the aggre…

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1) 저널명 : Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

2) 논문명 : Effect of natural antioxidants on the aggregation and disaggregation of beta-amyloid

3) 요약
 (1)  목적 : To examine the relationship between higher antioxidant activity and aggregation or disaggregation of beta-amyloid (Aβ) for 21 plants.
 (2) 대상 및 방법 : Twenty-nine natural plant extracts and their antioxidant activities were analyzed using DPPH assay. The aggregation and disaggregation of Aβ were analyzed using Thioflavin-T assay.
 (3) 결과 : Eleven plant extracts exhibited high antioxidant activities with the half-maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50) values < 20.0 μg/mL.
                  Furthermore, the plant extracts efficiently inhibited Aβ aggregation with a mean IC50 value of 17.0 μg/mL. However, four plant extracts exhibiting low antioxidant activities (IC50 > 80.0 μg/mL)
                  inhibited Aβ aggregation less efficiently with a mean IC50 value of 75.7 μg/mL. Furthermore, plant extracts with high antioxidant activities were not invariably efficient for
                  disaggregating pre-formed Aβ aggregates.
 (4) 결론 : High antioxidant activities were positively correlated with the inhibition of Aβ aggregation, although not with the disaggregation of pre-formed Aβ aggregates. Nevertheless, potent antioxidants
                  may be helpful in treating Alzheimer’s disease.